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My search for a “nootropic” began long before the supplement industry coined the phrase.   I had been a long time sufferer of what my pediatrician called “reverse add”.  In normal terms, I was disinterested in most activities outside of music.   However, that was normal for me.  Later on, that was diagnosed as early onset chronic fatigue syndrome.  This was at age 23 when I began going to bed at 6 pm after dinner.   I simply could not stay awake after eating.

Now, I am not a medical practitioner, so take my suggestions with a grain or two of salt.  This is just my story and journey into the nootropics industry.

But I was not prepared to sit back and take a life of tiredness in my early 20’s.  Up to that point, I still participated in all normal activities (sports, road trips, college) but activity always seemed to take a larger toll on me than my friends.  It took me longer to recover and feel 100% again.

My doctors tried many Rx prescriptions, and they all had varying levels of success.  Specifically, Provigil, a medication for narcolepsy was quite effective but almost too good to be true.   After a few days of use, I began to get debilitating headaches from the medication.  Plus, I did not want to rely on an Rx every day.  But I did need the energy it provided.

That is when I turned into finding a natural brain supplement that could give me the same benefits without addiction or other side effects.  It also happened to coincide with the film Limitless.

Like that and industry was born overnight.  I tried and tested over 47 brain supplements from 2013 to 2017.  

Unfortunately, the majority of those were complete bunk and a waste of time and money.  However, there were a few that had proven ingredients for memory, mental energy, and overall mind fog.   Those are still featured on the site, but the best route is simply trying out individual ingredients and seeing what works for you.  Use PubMed for research.

Since that industry boom, we keep Nootropic.org going to help others find a nature aid for CFS, age-related memory decline, and overall brain health.

We hope you find our site helpful.  I found help with natural treatments and never returned to my Provigil RX.  As always, please consult your medical practitioner before starting any supplement.

For product inquiries or to reach me directly, please contact me at info@nootropic.org.  I will do my best to respond promptly.




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