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Brain Octane Oil Review

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Are you ready to change your life with coconut oil?  As crazy as that sounds, we are not kidding around…

Brain Octane is distilled from 100% pure coconut oil and provides fast energy for the brain.

Your cognitive function will be catapulted to new heights thanks to the ingredients in Brain Octane being rapidly metabolized into ketones. This sounds super scientific, but it will blow you away once you understand how this supplement can change your life.

What is Brain Octane Oil?

Brain Octane Oil

It’s far more potent than a cooking oil or any  other ‘smart additive’ type of supplement you have ever tried.  It is a revolutionary form of brain supplements that quickly converts to fuel for your mind.  The good news is that it’s not a source of energy from sugar. I am all for a few teaspoons of sugar in my coffee throughout the day, but sugar is the enemy.

That may have been a little harsh, but it’s kind of true.

When you eat sugar, it will cause an immediate spike in energy, which will then cause you to crash. This is a short-term boost in energy, and it’s what a lot of people think they want.

And the other issue is fat.

Sugars are converted to fat in the body, so you surely won’t get beach body ready if all you eat is sugar.

Brain Octane uses fat for energy rather than sugar. If you want to lose weight or stay on track with your diet, you know that it’s important to lose fat. Well this nootropic provides your brain with the energy it needs to operate at maximum cognition while also burning fat so you stay leaner, too.

This is a reliable way to boost your brain’s performance.

Wait. How Does This Work Exactly?


Brain Octane is a daily supplement, and you’ll want to stay with one teaspoon of the supplement daily and move your way up to one tablespoon daily. But when you take this supplement, you want to take it with food or after you eat.

Trust me, you’ll get an upset stomach otherwise.

Take the supplement whenever you want. People recommend putting daily doses in your:

  • Tea
  • Salad dressings
  • Smoothies
  • Bulletproof coffee

When you do this, you’ll be ingesting the Brain Octane, which will metabolize into ketones and provide your brain with the instant energy it needs. This energy is produced without needing to break down glucose.

Ketones are the key most important thing here, and this is actually produced by the liver.

See, ketones are water-soluble molecules that are fatty acids. When you have low food intake, the fatty acids will be released, causing you to use fat as energy.

This is a process that occurs when your body isn’t using sugar for energy.

It’s perfect if you want to unleash fat and not be on E in the energy department.

And this potent brain fuel has been proven to:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Enhance cognition
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Amplify immune function

Every time you take this supplement, you’re also boosting your digestion and immune system thanks to the microbial balancing effects of Brain Octane. The anti-microbial effects are great for the body and will enhance your overall health, too.

The best part about Brain Octane is that it is:

  • Responsibly sourced
  • Doesn’t have an odor or taste
  • Can be used in cooking up to 320F
  • Remains at room temperature

You’re expanding your mind and fueling your energy in the most responsible way possible.

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Brain Octane Oil Customer Reviews

I can write about the benefits of Brain Octane all day long, but you know what? Nothing is more powerful than real customer reviews. There are a lot of people that have used Brain Octane to boost their brain’s performance, so we have a lot of data to go off of.

What are people saying about this product?

  • My concentration improved and my memory is a lot better.
  • I have energy that lasts all day now.
  • Seems to provide a cognitive boost and really helps me control my appetite.
  • Very shocked. This is incredible.
  • My brain fog was off the charts, but now I have a clear head for the first time in a long time.

These are just some of the great things people are saying about Brain Octane. Sure, there are bad reviews, too – every product has them:

  • I had stomach pain for 20 minutes
  • Packaging is horrible
  • The cap was cracked

The stomach pain is really the fault of the user, as the company explicitly states that Brain Octane will cause stomach pain if too much is taken on an empty stomach. Surprisingly, people that did experience the cramps and stomach discomfort still stated that the product worked really well for them.

But the issue with the bottle is the fault of either the shipper or manufacturer.

A lot of caps seem to be cracked, which can cause the product to leak out. You can simply return the product when this happens, and you’ll receive a replacement. Most people won’t have to return the product, though, and accidents always seem to happen in shipping with any company you’re dealing with.

Brain Octane vs MCT Oil

The Bulletproof Diet is a new way of eating, and the idea is to raise the amount of fat burning in the body to help fuel your body’s needs. It seems like a simple idea, and it is. When you add Brain Octane into your diet, you’ll be adding the most effective medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) into your diet.

There are four types of MCT, and not every type is good.

When you have Brain Octane, it will have 4 times the efficiency of coconut oil in helping raise the ketones in the body. Studies have shown that coconut oil on its own doesn’t raise the ketones in the body any more than fasting for eight hours.

Brain Octane is the difference between driving a Ferrari and a Kia.

MCT oil is not the same level of quality as Brain Octane, and this oil is often:

  • Derived from lauric acid, which doesn’t convert to ketones
  • Uses solvents to deodorize the oil, leaving chemicals behind
  • MCT oil is watered down through the emulsification process

Brain Octane contains the most powerful MCTs, uses earthen clay for deodorization and isn’t emulsified. When you add Brain Octane into your diet, you’re using a product that comes from 100% sustainable coconut oil.

Brain Octane is the real deal, and the company knows that only the highest quality will do for their clients. This brain enhancing, energy producing formula has the ability to change your mental performance and energy forever.

This product’s main ingredient is caprylic acid triglycerides.

Caprylic acid is the good MCT, which converts into ketones in just minutes. With 8 molecules, this ingredient helps suppress hunger and fuel the brain in the most efficient way possible. This 100% American-made product uses a triple distillation process for caprylic acid to alleviate stomach discomfort and ensure that ketones are raised higher.

This is the real deal.

Ketones suppress hunger, increase metabolic rate, burn fat, decrease fat stores and help your brain become sharper in the process.

Click here to claim your bottle of Brain Octane and achieve the mental superiority you deserve.


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