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CogniFlex Review: Real Genius Pill or Another Pretender?


When you were in school, you were on top of your game.  Your classes were tough, but learning concepts and forging new mental pathways was simply second nature.  Your knowledge and cognitive skills were growing and evolving every day.  You felt sharp, focused, engaged—ready to take on the world.

 But then something changed.  Maybe it was while you were still young or maybe it was in middle age.  But that cognitive clarity started to fade.  Learning, remembering, and problem-solving were no longer second nature—they became really, really hard.

 What It’s Like to Lose Your Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity supplements

It started slowly for me.  In fact, I didn’t notice it for years.  I just took it for granted day after day that I was feeling “tired today,” or “a little off.”

I think I finally realized something was wrong when I started watching the TV show Limitless.  That got me thinking about my own mental capabilities.  I realized that I’d become a shadow of my former self.  I majored in physics in college, a really challenging discipline.  I breezed through it.  But less than a decade later, I struggled just to remember what I was going to make for dinner, or the name of some actor or character on TV.  I was constantly forgetting things, misplacing words in conversation, and struggling to think clearly.

What happened to taking on the world?  Heck, I was starting to wonder if I could take on the next day!

I have found the solution to this problem—it’s a supplement called Cogniflex.

Cogniflex reviewBut before I get into that, I want to tell you a little more about the symptoms I experienced.

I really freaked out about it for a while.  I drank a lot when I was younger.

Did I have early-onset Alzheimer’s? 

Was I getting some other form of dementia?  Was I simply going crazy?  And why was I so tired all the time?

I expressed these concerns to my doctor at my next physical, and ran through the list of my symptoms:

  • Unbearable brain fog
  • Relentless fatigue
  • Difficulty learning new concepts
  • Difficulty remembering what I’d learned
  • Constantly forgetting names, locations, tasks, etc.
  • No motivation or ambition
  • Inability to focus on anything for long
  • Endless mistakes at work and at home


My doctor laughed when I asked if I could be getting some form of dementia.  He did suggest something called “chronic fatigue syndrome,” but told me that wasn’t something with a definite cause or treatment.

Then he said something like, “You are probably just slowing down.  It happens to everyone sooner or later.”

Sooner or later!  I wasn’t even 30 years old, and I was slowing down?

It just wasn’t acceptable to me.  I was at the prime of my life; I should be conquering the world, not worrying about losing my job and my mind.  But the doctor didn’t have any suggestions.  He told me I should just “accept the inevitable.”


Then I Found Out About Cogniflex

how does cogniflex work?

I spent a lot of time watching Limitless and daydreaming about a real NZT-48.  Then one day I got to wondering.  Is there a real-life NZT-48?

That is what pushed us to start Nootropic.org, to review the contenders for a legit smart pill.

That was how I learned about nootropics.  A nootropic is a drug or supplement which is used to boost cognitive function.  It turned out there are tons of nootropics in existence.  Some are natural, others are not.

I went on a determined search for the best nootropic stack, a real Limitless pill that could turn my life around.  Eventually that search led me to Cogniflex.

What is Cogniflex?

what is cogniflex

Cogniflex is the closest thing you are going to find to a genius pill in real life.  No, it isn’t going to turn you into one, but it will help you to make the most of your cognitive abilities.  Cogniflex is formulated to clear up that brain fog and sharpen your thoughts, improving your focus and your memory.

I spent a lot of time reading real Cogniflex reviews before deciding to try it.  The supplements market isn’t regulated, so there are a lot of dubious pills on the market.  I did not want to worry about Cogniflex side effects, and I didn’t want to waste my money on snake oil either.

Cogniflex Ingredients

Cogniflex Ingredients

When you are searching for brain pills that will make you smarter, you will notice a lot of nootropics do not even list their ingredients.  Personally I like to know what is in something before I take it—or recommend it!  Here is the full list of Cogniflex ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B6
  • Caffeine


These ingredients are all 100% natural, safe, and healthy.  They increase blood flow to your brain, help your body metabolize food into energy, stimulate the nervous system, and fuel the production of neurotransmitters.  If you visit the Cogniflex website, you will even find studies to back this up.  The fact that there is scientific research behind Cogniflex is what convinced me it might be the best nootropic out there.  So did the company’s commitment to quality control.  This is not just another pretender.

Cogniflex Benefits

Cogniflex smart pill

When you take Cogniflex, here are the benefits you can look forward to:

  • No more brain fog!  This is number one.  If you feel like you are constantly battling through a haze, you can look forward to a clear view from now on.  When you are facing a tough problem, the possible pathways to solutions are clear.  Concentrating is easy!
  • Focus without distraction.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could really hone in on a problem and tackle it without your mind wandering in a dozen directions at a time?  Imagine if all your thoughts were targeted with laser-like precision and you could apply all of your focus to achieving a goal or completing a task.  That is what Cogniflex allows you to do.
  • Wake up feeling energized.  If you wake up every morning feeling like you just want to roll back over and go to sleep, you will love Cogniflex.  With Cogniflex, you rest better at night and wake up refreshed.  You have the energy you need to take on the day.  No more stumbling around feeling tired and dizzy!
  • Improve short- and long-term memory.  With Cogniflex, it is easier to learn new information and retain it.  You can finally stop forgetting peoples’ names, where you put your keys, or what you learned at that work seminar.  It will all stay much fresher in your mind.
  • Improve mental performance and work productivity.  When you can actually stay focused on your work, you can do more with your brain than ever before.  You can solve problems that previously would have been too challenging.  You can open doors to insights that previously would have been closed to you.  You can get more work accomplished in a shorter time span and make fewer mistakes!
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  Fatigue and poor mental performance can have a debilitating effect on your life, leading to stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems.  Cogniflex gets you back on track, which leads to a boost in mood and a more relaxed frame of mind.  This makes it excellent for your overall well-being.


Does Cogniflex Work?

Does Cogniflex Work?

This is really the sixty-four dollar question, isn’t it?  Can Cogniflex really help you to get back on track with mental performance?

Well, I have been using Cogniflex for months now, and I can tell you definitively that this is the best nootropic on the market!  I noticed improvements in energy and concentration from the very first dose, and those benefits have only continued to build over the past few months.  It feels like I literally have wound back the clock on my life.

I wake up feeling invigorated.  I’m actually awake, not fighting to stay conscious.  There is a bounce in my step, and when I sit down to work, I don’t find my mind wandering or my thoughts fragmenting.  I actually can focus on the task at hand with no brain fog!  It isn’t a struggle just to string together a sentence or solve a simple equation anymore.  I don’t forget my tasks anymore, and I haven’t lost my keys in weeks!  I actually remember the names of everyone I met at our last company town hall meeting.

Thanks to Cogniflex, I am finally performing at the level I did when I was young—even better some days!  I feel ready to tackle greater challenges and climb to new heights.  I’m no longer questioning my health or my sanity.  I’m actually enjoying my life again.

If you’re fighting with brain fog every day, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to!

2017 Update: There are several legit options on the market that we prefer to the original CogniFlex formula.  It was decent but in 2017, we recommend going with either Mind Lab Pro or Lumonol instead.


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