Cognitex Brain Shield by Life Extension Review

Cognitex Brain Shield by Life Extension Review

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LifeExtension is a brand that people know and trust. The company is known for its dietary supplements, and they’re focused on the anti-aging industry. In business for over 35 years, the company is listed as being 10 – 20 years before its time.

The milestones for the company are impressive.  Their presence is something we welcome in the brain supplement industry.

When you start looking at the LifeExtension brand, you’ll find that the company has been leading the industry since 1980. The company’s achievements, and there are many, include:

  • Recommending low-dose aspirin for persons that wanted to prevent vascular disease
  • Recommended CoQ10 as an anti-aging nutrient (first organization to do so)
  • Sued the FDA for failing to approve Tacrine for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Recommended a drug, used in Germany since 1991, to treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

And the list goes on and on…

When I heard about Cognitex, I knew that the Cognitex with Brain Shield supplement was on to something special.

LifeExtension always impresses, and this supplement comes in 90 soft gels and comes with the world’s leading ingredients.

What’s included in Cognitex?

Cognitex Ingredients

Cognitex Ingredients
  • 600 mg of A-GPC.
  • 100 mg of Phosphatidylserine.
  • 50 mg of Brain Shield.
  • 20 mg of Vinpocetine.
  • 150 mg of Leucoselect.
  • 150 mg of BlueActiv.
  • 125 mg of Sensoril.
  • 50 mg of Uridine-5′-monophosphate.
  • 125 mg of Proprietary Neuroprotection Complex Blend.

Individually, these ingredients are known to support cognition and memory, but when you combine them, they’ll be able to:

  • Support the brains regenerative and normal defenses
  • Support memory and cognition

And there are 10 ingredients that are all designed to boost your brain’s defenses. Your brain has over 100 billion brain cells, and Cognitex aims to protect all of them. Studies show that a mix of the right nutrients can help support your brain’s health as you age.

Critical nutrients are often lacking when we get older. The result? The brain becomes nutrient-starved leading to cognition and memory issues. A lack of cheeses, meats and eggs are often the reason for the brain-aging decline that men and women suffer from.

When a youthful cognition and memory are needed, Cognitex is the key.

Offering a once-a-day formula, Cognitex with Brain Shield uses gastrodin to help support the brain’s key regenerative properties and defenses. Studies have shown that this ingredient, which is found in Chinese orchids, is the most powerful compound in ensuring a healthy brain as we age.

A-GPC decline leads to advanced aging and neurodegeneration according to studies. The presence of A-GPC in Cognitex allows for the creation of the building block of acetylcholine in the brain. When healthy levels of this building block are present, it will lead to:

  • Enhanced cognition
  • Better sleep
  • Increased muscle control

But that’s not all that this supplement has to offer. You’ll also benefit from enhanced cerebral circulation thanks to the presence of Vinpocetine. The brain requires a massive amount of blood flow, approximately 750 milliliters per minute.

In general terms, this means that 15% of your cardiac output is due to the brain’s demands.

Vinpocetine has been shown to increase cerebral circulation, allowing for a healthy level of blood flow to the brain. Oxygen utilization is also increased thanks to Vinpocetine.

Hops and rosemary have been added into the supplement due to their ability to inhibit inflammatory factors. Inflammation has been shown to cause the brain to release cytokines. Suppressing inflammation has been shown to preserve the brain’s function and cell structure.

Wild blue berry extract, also present in Cognitex, provides neurological support. Studies are also finding that this extract may have the potential to stop cognitive and motor function decline. Oxidative and inflammatory changes, which scientists are linking to memory decline, are also inhibited when wild blue berry extract is present.

Phosphatidylserine is found in brain tissue and research has shown that this ingredient can help:

  • Enhance energy metabolism
  • Boost learning
  • Increase concentration
  • Enhance memory

Phosphatidylserine also assists the brain with fuel efficiency.

Grape seed extract is included thanks to its ability to improve the brain’s elasticity, cerebral oxygen flow and blood vessel tone. Grape seed extract can also help protect the central nervous system.

Uridine-5′ is found in a nursing mother’s milk, and it’s an essential ingredient responsible for the development of young brains. This key ingredient has also been shown to support superior cognitive function in adults that are aging.

Calming effects are also provided by Cognitex, thanks to the inclusion of ashwagandha which has been linked to support of nerve cell components and nervous system function. Youthful cognition and memory is supported, too, thanks to the preservation of acetylcholine.

When combined, all of these ingredients work to keep your brain younger, healthier and efficient.

Different Versions of Cognitex for Your Specific Needs

Cognitex comes in a few different versions, including the Basics version which doesn’t include Brain Shield. There’s also the Cognitex with Pregnenolone & Brain Shield. But Cognitex with Brain Shield is our favorite.

You also have the option of buying just:

  • Brain Shield
  • Cognitex Basics

But why not combine both for the utmost in brain health as you age?

All you need to do is take three capsules in the morning. Take your capsules with or without food (I recommend taking it with food for best results).

Cognitex is backed by studies and evidence of brain boosting and defense that anyone can benefit from. You’ll be able to boost your brain’s natural aging defenses, stay younger (mentally) and worry less about age-related cognitive decline.

It’s the right supplement from a company that has a long history of changing the aging industry.

Click here to view pricing and availability of Cognitex.

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