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Why Do Orgasms Feel Good

Why Do Orgasms Feel Good?

If you’re right on the edge of an orgasm, the last thing you are probably thinking about—or with—is your brain. Actually though, there is a lot going on in y...
Serotonin Syndrome

How to Increase Serotonin in the Brain

When people are depressed or anxious, we often say they have a "chemical imbalance." And in many ways, that's true. When serotonin, a chemical that affects the ...
Which Racetam is Best?

Which Racetam is Best?

Racetams are cognitive enhancing supplements that are known to greatly improve memory, learning, mood, focus and energy levels. Most work by stimulating acetylc...
Nutrional Induced Brain Fog

Brain Supplements to Combat Brain Fog

Today’s a big day at work – that project deadline is finally here. You head into the office pumped and ready to go. But when you sit down to work, you draw a bl...
MSG brain fog

Is Your Diet The Cause Of Your Brain Fog?

Brain fog. Yuck. Confusion, lack of attention and lack of motivation can all be symptoms of brain fog. It’s not something a person hopes to get, and not bein...
Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate Benefits for Your Brain

You probably have coffee in your pantry, and you likely have black tea or green tea.  But do you have yerba mate?  Yerba mate is an amazing beverage for brain h...
Noopept 101

Noopept 101

  Nootropics aim to boost cognition, mental focus and overall memory recall.  Noopept is one of the most prominent nootropics on the market, and it requ...

Aniracetam 101

  Aniracetam is a racetam because it is formed from a pyrrolidone structure. Fat-soluble, this nootropic is quickly absorbed in the system (we’ll talk m...

A Real NZT-48 Limitless Pill?

Brain boosters, NZT 48 – the potential to live a life that is limitless. These are all dreams. Just fairytales. Nothing can really help you boost your memory...

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