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NeuroHacker Qualia Nootropic Supplement Review: The Complete Cognitive Enhancer?

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Qualia is a nootropic I just recently started seeing. I will be honest: the company’s packaging and slogan really stuck in my mind. Their “feed your brilliance,” slogan is great marketing for those of us that are performance junkies and already well versed in brain supplementation.

With that said, I didn’t know much about the company: NeuroHacker Collective.

qualia reviews

So, I was determined to really see what this company and their two-step approach to “brilliance” was all about. A few of the claims that I was interested in researching further are:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Enhanced energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Enhanced creativity

And something that stuck out in my mind is that the company claims that their product also supports long-term brain health. That’s a lot to claim, and out of pure interest, I decided to give this product a try to see if it can meet these claims.

I’ll be honest, I did have concerns with the product’s price tag, but for me, it’s worth it. Will it be worth it for you? That really depends on your goals.

You still need to have a reason to boost your mental sharpness.

For me, I am always doing something new: learning new hobbies, learning new languages or developing a new app. It’s a no-brainer to try and hack my brain.   Since we launched Nootropic.org we have tested over 37 different brain supplements.

I’m going to try and determine if Qualia is a good fit for me in this review and I’ll try and help you make an informed decision before you make your purchase. There’s a lot to like about this complete neuro enhancer, but there are also a few drawbacks you need to know about, too.

What Are Neuro Enhancers?

Neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, brain supplements – whatever you call them – they all aim to:

  • Boost cognitive function
  • Improve memory
  • Kickstart recall
  • Promote creativity
  • Enhance energy
  • Provide clarity

Neuro enhancers are all about helping you support your brain. You see, your brain is a complex web of neurotransmitters and pathways. Food provides you the substance and minerals needed to ensure that you have intense focus, energy and clarity.

You can enhance the blood flow to the brain to feed it the nutrients that you consume.

It’s possible to ensure that your brain’s neurotransmitters are healthy and operate optimally. You are what you “eat,” and supplements are nothing new. Just like you would take a B Vitamin, neuro enhancers can be taken to boost your cognitive function, memory and recall.

Who Makes The Qualia Supplement?


Now that you have a firm understanding of what neuro enhancers aim to accomplish, it’s time to look deeper into the company that makes Qualia. I like to take my time to dig deeper into companies that I give my money to.  Like you, I don’t want to support companies that don’t provide great products.

I also have an attachment to my money, so I always make sure that the company I buy a product from is legitimate.  There is some good news on that front with this product.

The company that makes Qualia is Neurohacker Collective.

During my research, I was blown away with the company’s claims to have included 42 scientifically researched ingredients in their formula. I will be covering these ingredients in great detail shortly.   To be short, they have set the bar in this industry for quality ingredients and research.

The company offers a wealth of information on their official website, and a few of the most important tidbits that I thought would be worth sharing with you are:

  • The company’s principles and promises:
    • Science that is based on unvarnished attention to reality
    • Competence over credentials
    • Anti-paternalist
    • Collaborative spirit
    • Post-corporatist
    • Integrity

Then you’ll find a long list of the company’s core team, which includes: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Greenhall, James Schmachtenberger, Jason Liebrecht, Mark How and Angie Bucholz.

And this is just a few of the key members of the company.

You’ll find that there is a long list of scientific and medical advisors that have helped bring Qualia from conception to reality.

Names don’t impress me much, but what does stick out about the core team is that they come from all walks of life:

  • Learners
  • Researchers
  • Nutritionists
  • Runners
  • Cross fitters
  • Yogis
  • Pilates teachers

People from all walks of life are on the team, and this group has such a diverse background that they have been able to tap into the true power of neuro enhancers. Qualia has been developed and refined thanks to a large team that provides accountability, education and testing to promote a new product that works well.

What  makes Qualia Different?

Qualia can be thought of as a nootropic stack, but it’s much more than that. I am used to be receiving a bottle with a brief warning label and instructions on how many pills I am supposed to take daily.

Qualia goes beyond the basics by providing:

  • A guide to neurohacking.
  • A platform to measure cognitive function changes.
  • A 2-step system to hack your way to cognitive enhancement.

I did a lot of research to find out that the company uses science to choose every ingredient that they’ve added into their nootropic stack. They take into account a variety of research, and they will dig deep into:

  • 40+ years of research on nootropic stacks
  • Phase II trials
  • Phase III trials

Every ingredient is thoroughly researched to ensure that Qualia’s formula is efficient and optimized. Purity is a major focus for the company, so all ingredients are tested for:

  • Pesticides
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Toxins

Every batch of Qualia is at levels lower than FDA GMP requirements. The highest quality ingredients only make their way into Qualia. You’ll even find many patented names in the product’s ingredient list, including BioPerine.

Why?  These are the best-in-class ingredients.

Qualia undergoes two testing phases. There is also an R&D process that involves testing to demonstrate:

  • Efficacy
  • Safety

Qualia comes in a two-step process that tries to increase a person’s:

  • Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Drive
  • Reaction speed
  • Energy
  • Spatial awareness
  • Sensory acuity
  • Creativity
  • Analysis
  • Computation
  • Processing speed
  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Empathy
  • Contentment

I was elated to find that the formula has also been designed to stop all of those negative feelings and emotions that weigh people down.

You know:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Social awkwardness
  • Apathy
  • Overwhelm
  • Distraction
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Physical sensitivity
  • Inflammation
  • Worry

Designed with long-term impact in mind, Qualia focused on a few key areas:

  1. Neuroprotection
  2. Neurogenesis
  3. Neuroplasticity
  4. Cerebral blood flow
  5. Energy and metabolic support
  6. Cell membrane integrity

When I received my first supply of Qualia, I noticed that it’s a split stack.

This means that I received two bottles of Qualia that are to be used in a fasted state and later in the day. Natural compounds are considered when offering this stack.


Some of the 42 ingredients work better when a person is in a fasted state, while others work better with food.

It’s attention to detail that makes Qualia worth the $149 one off cost (or $99 per month with our SAVEX10 coupon code).

Taking a look at the ingredient list and quantities, you’ll also find that it’s more than just a dash of an ingredient that makes it into each bottle. A big problem I have is that some companies (no names) will include just a fraction of an ingredient into their product.

So, if a study says you need 50mg of an ingredient to achieve benefits and the company only adds 2mg, it’s a marketing trick.

This isn’t the case with Qualia.

You’ll find near- or exact-level ingredients in their formula. This means that the company does pay attention to the studies that they used to make this product. I won’t lie, you’ll need to down 6 large pills in the afternoon but for most folks this is not a deal breaker.  The results warrant this approach.

Now, I hope, you’re starting to see why this nootropic has such a high price tag and while it truly is worth the cost.

Qualia Ingredients

Qualia Ingredients

Qualia believes in a whole system design, and this makes sense to me. What this means is that the entire system, or “brain,” is taken into consideration with the company’s approach. I like this because I view the body as a whole.

Just as you wouldn’t spend hours in the gym and then eat fast food all day and expect to remain healthy, you can’t take a half approach to your brain.

There are 42 ingredients in this supplement, and explaining all of them and their benefits would be far too intensive. But I think naming them and explaining a little of what the two-step approach offers will suffice.

You’ll find that your daily dose of Qualia contains:

Nootropic Compounds

  • Noopept
  • Pure Energy
  • Theobromine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • Phenylethylamine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Uridine Monophosphate
  • Hordenine HCI

These ingredients work together to provide a key role in your body’s ability to:

  • Remember information
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Maintain attention span
  • Relieve depressive symptoms
  • Maintain neuroprotective qualities
  • Boost alertness
  • Increase and maintain energy levels
  • Enhance mental processing speed
  • Support neuroplasticity
  • Reduce cognitive decline


  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3

Vitamins are an essential part of your chemical makeup. Lack of vitamins can lead to major issues with your neurodevelopment and neuroregulatory function. Proper vitamin intake allows you to:

  • Increase mood
  • Boost alertness
  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease age-associated cognitive impairment
  • Benefit memory and learning
  • Improve concentration
  • Support memory formation
  • Provide neuroprotection
  • Offer antioxidant support
  • Benefit age-associated cognitive decline

Neuro-Anti Inflammatory

  • Algal DHA
  • Bioperine
  • Curcumin
  • BioPQQ
  • Green tea extract
  • Quercetin

Anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants, these ingredients all support a properly-functioning brain and also remove toxins from the brain.

You’ll also find that there are several more ingredients that fall into the following categories:

  • Adaptogen Extracts
  • Amino Acids
  • Choline Donors
  • Neuro-Minerals

And when combined, these ingredients all offer the benefits that Qualia boasts about. While expensive, you’ll find that this two-step process to enhancing your brain function provides:

  • Focus and concentration. Improved attention, focus and concentration is offered thanks to the addition of artichoke extract, lion’s mane, noopept, caffeine, L-theanine and several other ingredients.
  • Learning and memory. Concentration supports memory and learning. And while they overlap, they provide a memory that is efficient and able to increase the speed at which you learn new material and even process information. Bacopa monnieri, ginkgo biloba, citicoline, alpha GPC and numerous other ingredients work together to enhance and support learning and memory.
  • Antioxidants. Qualia provides a strong dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Ingredients, such as curcumin, green tea extract, BioPQQ and quercetin, all work to ensure that the brain doesn’t have inflammation or toxins.
  • Stress and anxiety. A stressed brain is one that has difficulty learning and remembering information. Both stress and anxiety are relieved thanks to the addition of several ingredients.

All of these ingredients work together to provide a brain that is able and eager to learn, process, concentrate and focus. Your memory will be in overdrive.

But how well does it work?

Qualia Reviews

I can’t speak for you, but I have documented my experience over a two-week period to see how it worked for me. Will you have the same results?

My Trial Results

Week 1 Results

Initially, I didn’t experience much of a boost. This is most likely due to my previous cycleof Mind Lab Pro. But after I took my second dose for the day, and I started to feel more focused with a sustained energy increase.

The first few days the results were similar to other legit nootropics we have used with a boost in our mood but something different was happening after those first few days. The results really started to kick in after day 3 or 4 and it was most evident with my exercise routine. I was literally smiling while running on the treadmill and singing along with the new War On Drugs album. Normally I set my sessions to 30 minutes 4 days a week but I was going past 45 minutes and feeling great. This was a great surprise as my initial entry into supplements came with “pre-workout” supplements to keep me in the gym longer.

The next major change was when I started to notice that my attention span was a lot better. I didn’t do any real “learning” in terms of studying but I felt a sense of calmness and less anxiety when doing my daily work.

Week 2 Results

The second week was very impressive and I started to feel:

  • More productive
  • Extremely focused
  • Started to remember information faster

Overall, the second week sold me on Qualia. I definitely had more energy, less anxiety, greater focus and was far more productive as a result. It was a great week and I my wife even noticed that I was happier. The results have been impressive and this is coming from a veteran of mental supplements.

The company states that once you start taking Qualia, it will build on its results, allowing you to achieve even better results over time. And this was my experience. I am planning to continue using Qualia for the rest of 2017 and continue into the new year.

Neurohacker Collective recommended taking this supplement five times per week, with two days off. The goal is to help stave off desensitization by cycling your dosages. You can choose to use Qualia at your own discretion a few times per week or as needed.

I recommend adding Qualia into your routine if the price is not prohibitive. By cycling it on and off, it will help keep the cost down and the effectiveness high.

You may experience slight stomachaches or headaches, but these two side effects will ease over time. Overall, all I have is great things to say about Qualia.

Yes, the supplement is expensive, but it’s also the most complete neuro enhancers in the world.

If you’re a highly creative person, someone who needs to be more productive, or someone that wants an all-in-one energy and brain booster, Qualia may be the right choice for you.

Click here to learn more about Qualia and order your first month’s supply.

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