A Real NZT-48 Limitless Pill?

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Brain boosters, NZT 48 – the potential to live a life that is limitless. These are all dreams. Just fairytales.

Nothing can really help you boost your memory, have more energy and… well… be limitless. Right?


I won’t lie, Limitless, the movie has created a lot of misconceptions. You’re not going to learn languages overnight, or live a life that changes from one second to the next.

If, and that is a big “if,” a pill that is 100% equivalent to the NZT 48 limitless pill is ever created, it will never reach the general public. Why? Greed. I mean, if you could do things that would make Einstein or Tesla seem like they were just kindergarteners, there is a very high chance you would keep this secret to yourself.

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I mean, you would be able to take over the world and be as wealthy as a monarch.

But we all know – I hope – that the NZT 48 pill is just a plot of a great movie. It’s not real. It doesn’t exist. It is unfortunate, I, too, thought about the potential to learn languages overnight or be an overnight success of a lawyer that would single-handedly put the Cochran firm to shame – it’s good to dream.

However, there are  a few strong contenders to be the real limitless pill that can help boost your memory and cognitive function.

Brain Boosters Bring the Real Limitless Pill to Life

The NZT 48 limitless pill may be the stuff of science fiction, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t supplements on the market that can’t help boost your memory. I mean, memory enhancement and smart supplements are everywhere, and chances are you’ve heard of  them or tried one before.

With the right nootropic stack, you will notice a powerful increase in focus and memory.   It is almost like running a processor upgrade from your 1996 desktop computer and upgraded to the latest MacBook Air.

And before we talk more about the “real limitless pill” contenders, let’s take a look at what a nootropic really is.

What is a Nootropic?

what is a nootropic

Nootropics are, in laymen terms, “a drug to increase memory or cognitive function.” Many people call these “smart drugs,” but the drug distinction is a little harsh. People don’t want to take prescription drugs – filled with chemicals and harsh side effects – and a nootropic really doesn’t fit into this category anyway.

Geniux (click here to see for yourself), and any other nootropic, can be purchased over-the-counter or right online.

You don’t need to take a “drug.” And you’ll be happy to know that these supplements don’t have many side effects. You may get a headache or stomachache when taking them, but you won’t be worrying about heart attacks, vomiting, strokes or any of the other harsh side effects that are listed on the back of prescription drugs.

Understanding How To Find The Best Nootropic Stacks

how to choose the right nootropic stack

Supplements have been used for a long time to help boost memory and cognitive skills. How long? I am not sure, but ancient cultures used to take herbs to help boost their memory, so a very long time.

People are curious about their limits.

If you could just use your brain to its fullest extent, maybe you could be as smart as a savant.

Kim Peek was a savant. Peek could read two pages at one time (one with each eye) and recite books back to you from memory. Kim even inspired the movie Rain Man because he was able to perform mental feats that are impossible for mere mortals like yourself.

But Kim couldn’t use any of these abilities to his advantage – not like you or I truly.

Kim was able to remember anything and everything, but his brain wasn’t wired properly. He was like an encyclopedia: he could retain information and provide it to you, but he couldn’t perform critical thinking.

What’s the purpose of memorizing every word in a language and never being able to piece them together?

Kim, however, could speak his native language, which is a mystery to me.

But there have been studies, movies and wild fantasies that maybe we can (meaning those without these memorization abilities) somehow unlock our brain. And a nootropic stack is just that.

These “stacks” are essentially a combination of several supplements that work together to boost cognitive function. In most cases, a stack will contain a few elements:

  • Energy enhancement
  • Memory enhancement
  • Clarity and concentration enhancement
  • Cognitive enhancements

You remain more alert, filled with energy, and information is being transmitted to your neurons and placed in your memory at an accelerated rate. This is exactly what a Genius pill does for people that take it.

The 2017 Contenders For The Real Limitless Pill

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