Is Optimind The Best Nootropic Stack Ever?

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Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar to any of you.  

You work full time and are trying to get ahead by continuing your education.   In that quest to get ahead, you quickly realize you may have bit off more than you can chew.  Fatigue  and brain fog quickly sets in….

That was my experience last year when I returned to school to finish my Master’s degree.

My studies got off to a rough start because by the time I got to school, I felt exhausted; my energy was depleted, I was falling asleep in the back of class, and I was close to flunking out.  I had completely underestimated the dedication it would require to pull off returning to school while working full time.  That first semester back was brutal and I ended up using all of my vacation time off from work in order to cram and pass my finals.

So it was obvious that working a 9 to 5 and taking on a full class load was seemingly impossible and that I would need some help.

What was I to do? I had no other choice but to try some type of brain booster supplement in order to get some type of edge. I had seen the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless and while it seemed a bit far-fetched, I held out hope that there had to be some type of combination of nootropics that would be my “limitless pill”.

And let me tell you, it was a long journey to finding a blend that worked off.   Almost of every supplement I tried didn’t work at all and were just jammed packed with caffeine.  At one point I was close to giving up and just relying on Starbucks multiple times each day but that is another story.

Fortunately, in my endless search to find a true limitless supplement I came across a new nootropic that turned my brain on like a switch turns on a light bulb: it was called Optimind.

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If you’re scratching your head thinking, “This is too good to be true,” I beg you to just wait a minute and continue reading on. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Optimind Reviews: My Personal Experience

I’m sitting home one night studying for my statistics exam (a horrible class), and I just had enough. I had been looking over the same equations time and time again, but it just wasn’t clicking. This was the seventh night in a row that I sat there trying to learn the same material. And I was mentally exhausted at that point.

I just couldn’t take it anymore.

After scouring the Internet for something, anything, that could help my overcome this mental exhaustion and fatigue, I finally came across Optimind. I’ve tried other smart pill products in the past, including: Adderall, Addium and Alpha Brain, but nothing seemed to work well enough to make a serious impact on my studies.

But then I started reading the claims from real users:

  • I have freed my mind of the brain fog that has plagued me for years.
  • Optimind is like a shot of espresso right in your brain – wow!
  • Mental focus without killing my creativity.

So, I took the plunge. What did I have to lose?

The results almost knocked me off of my feet. This is the best nootropic stack for studying that I’ve ever used. Like I mentioned earlier, it was like a light bulb went off in my head.

Immediate Results, Well Almost…

My bottle arrived in the mail, and I read the label: one to two capsules per serving. So, I decided to take two capsules. But I later learned that the manufacturer recommends starting with one capsule to see how their pills work for you on a chemical level.

You know, some people easily get upset stomachs, headaches or may have an allergic reaction to the product, so they encourage new users to start slow.

Anyway, I took the pill right before studying for my calculus mid-term, and I knew it – nothing, nada, zip. I’m sitting there for the first ten minutes telling myself, “I knew Optimind wouldn’t work.” But then about 30 minutes into my session, it was like I just drank a cup of hot Italian espresso (you know the super-strong kind that can wake you up out of a coma).

I was wired, I was laser focused and without any of the jitters that other brain supplements and smart pills I had tried in the past had provided.

Later, I found out that this was a result of taking Optimind. The pills take about 30 minutes to kick in, so I suggest you take them a little bit before class, work or whatever you’re using them for. The energy and focus were greatly needed as I felt more determined than ever before. But what I experienced next was unexpected to say the least.

After looking at these same equations for over a week at this point, they all seemed to click.

I actually started to remember them. I continued taking Optimind because, well, something was working, and I didn’t change my study habits or become a math genius overnight.

I aced the test; well I got a 92 out of 100 grade, which, for me, is a near miracle.

The best part was that I was only taking these pills every other day. You don’t need to take them every day, but I do recommend taking them before an arduous study session. Then the effects of Optimind started to strengthen – no not the energy effects – the memorization effects.

I found out that these nootropics begin to accumulate in the body, much like vitamins do.

You start to notice gradual memory and retention increases which seem to reach their peak after 6 months.

Now, the best part of it all is that I didn’t have to pay for my Optimind. Well, not for my original few times trying it at least. The company offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try the product risk-free. If you like the results, you simply do nothing and will be enrolled in a subscription program where you’ll receive a continual supply of pills until you cancel. Talk about convenient.

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Optimind Ingredients

And if you’re wondering why this product works so well to boost memory, concentration and energy, I have already done a lot of the research for you. After all, you always want to make sure that the ingredients in any supplement are actually doing their job. Right?

So, what ingredients are included?

  • GABA: An amino acid neurotransmitter that balances blood sugar while putting you in a relaxed state.
  • SERINAID® PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE: A phospholipid that forms part of your brain cells. Cognitive health is boosted because your brain cells are better able to communicate as a result.
  • Vitamin D3: An important vitamin that boosts mineral absorption in the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Works to boost your energy (in just three days), and protects your brain from brain cell damage.
  • Caffeine: Shown to boost memory, concentration and provides the initial energy boost felt after taking your capsule.
  • Huperzine A: Works to protect your brain cells from oxidative stress and toxicity. This is one of the most important nootropics on the market, and it is extracted from Chinese moss.
  • Tyrosine: Used to build protein, and helps with neurotransmission. This ingredient is naturally created in the body, and it helps you stay motivated and alert.
  • Taurine: A protectant. Taurine is an amino acid that helps fight depression and anxiety while protecting your brain cells.
  • Vitamin B12: Combats fatigue, helps with the natural function of the central nervous system and boosts memory.
  • Sulbutiamine: Another B vitamin (B-1 to be exact). This vitamin boosts cognitive performance, memory and energy levels.
  • Vinpocetine: Improves blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow allows for better memory retention and concentration.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Increases a person’s memory and retention.

As you can see, all of these ingredients help with some form of memory and brain function.

Real OptiMind Reviews

Optimind Vs Adderall

Adderall has been used by many people around the world and it is a drug – well a smart drug, anyway. Normally prescribed for people that suffer from ADHD, Adderall is all about boosting your attention and concentration.

The main issue is that Adderall is not meant to make you smarter, and many people crash when they take this nootropic.

Optimind Vs Addium

Addium is a great product, but it doesn’t contain nearly the same level of ingredients as Optimind. In fact, there are only six ingredients in this product, with the only ingredient that is not included in Optimind being ALPHA GPC.

Ultimately, Optimind simply outperforms Addium.

Optimind Vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is another great product, and it actually contains a lot of different ingredients versus its competitor. The one thing that stands out is that both are very effective for increasing focus and sustained energy.  Some say that Optimind works on a chemical level, while Alpha Brain deals more with brain waves but in my experience I could not determine if that was true.  What was clear is that they both provide a real world lift to my productivity.

Both supplements are honestly great, they each have high quality ingredients that it’s impossible to ignore.  It is almost a no lose situation if you are trying to choose which is best for you.  My advice would be to try the 14 day samples of each and then decide which you prefer.

Optimind is one of the best nootropic stacks on the market today. I find it to provide better results than 90% the competition, and all of the ingredients check out when researched. You’re not going to be taking a proprietary blend that is more of a mystery than anything else with this supplement.   You know what the ingredients are and if you were making your own blend, would chose many of the same components.

The company is upfront and honest with the ingredients that are included, and this is very rare in the nootropic market.

And the results really speak for themselves.

Within a half hour, you’ll start noticing a massive energy surge and concentration that you’ve never experienced before. For me, personally, Optimind is a true game changer, and it works exceptionally well for me. Plus, you don’t have to take these pills daily if you don’t want to. You also won’t crash like a rock like you do when taking Adderall.

Click here to give Optimind a try today – you won’t be sorry.

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